Whispering Iceland

Media & Awards

“Time-lapse photography at its best” – Camera Zeiss Lenses

“a 4K timelapse masterpiece” – Sony Alpha Universe

“Whispering Iceland adds a dimension of drama that helps make it unique. Fast camera motion mixed with rack zooms and quick cuts work together to show Iceland as equal parts beautiful and desolate, a landscape that is somehow welcoming and inhospitable at the same time” – Digital Trends

Winner – Film Miami Fest 2017 – Best Experimental Film for 2017

Winner – V edition of the International Timelapse Festival – muestratimelapses-en.socumo.es/official-selection-2017

Winner of “Best Time-Lapse” at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – laiffawards.com/january-2017-winner.html

Winner – Best of the Month – Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards – hiida.com/january-2017-winners.html

Winner – Europe Film – European Cinematography Awards – e-ca.eu

Winner – Award of Excellence – Timelapse Photographer & Music Score – Hollywood International Documentary Awards – hiida.com/january-2017-winners.html

Winner – Award of Recognition – Holywood International Moving Pictures Festival – himpff.com/march-2017-winners.html

Winner – Prize of the Press – Moving Pictures Festival – movingpicturesfestival.be/screening/mpfedition03.html

Winner – Award of Excellence / Special Mention – Best Shorts Competition – bestshorts.net

Winner – Best Cinematography – Global Shorts International Short Film Competition – global-shorts.net

Winner – Award of Excellence – Global Shorts International Short Film Competition – global-shorts.net