We are a multi-award-winning photography & cinematography studio specialising in the commercial field.  Shooting exclusively with medium format cameras and advanced lighting techniques, our work is defined by emphasis in detail. During shootings we try to create an imaginary concept and reveal inner emotions.
Balancing between the worlds of commercial and cinematic photography, our primary objective is not only to represent reality but also exceed it in ways that have never been expected.​​​​​​​
#animavision #authenticvision ​​​​​​
Nick Kontostavlakis 
Greek photographer Nick Kontostavlakis is no stranger to recognition for his work. Over the years, he has won more than 20 international awards and had work exhibited in prestigious galleries. Although his background is in engineering, he attended lectures at the “Focus school of Art Photography” in Athens.
For personal work click here : www.nickkontostavlakis.com
Aggeliki Koutsi 
Aggeliki studied Management and Business Administration in Piraeus University of Greece. After encountering Nick Kontostavlakis she fell in love with the still and moving image. As a result in 2013, she decided to dedicate herself into producing.
Dionisis Kitsikis
DoP / Cinematographer
Dionisis Kitsikis was born in Athens.
In 1985 he graduated from Stavrakos film school. He started his career working as an assistant of Giorgos Panousopoulos and Aris Stavrou in films like “I Fotografia” from Papatakis and “The Cherry Orchard” from Cacoyannis. In 1987 he becomes a cinematographer shooting films and commercials. He has shot more than 2.500 commercials and 5 shorts and feature length films. The last two years Dionisis developed an interest in still photography and the countless possibilities it offers.

Antonis Kitsikis
Film Director
Antonis Kitsikis was born in Athens, Greece.
Coming from a filmmaker family, he has been working in the film industry, in various roles, since he was 14; in commercial, shorts, features and music videos.
He has directed a number of music videos and short films.
He studied at UCA Farnham, where he made his debut film, Harvest in New Life, a short documentary being among the 3 best student films in the U.K. in 2017.​​​​​​​ 

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